Acai Berry – You have Been Had Once more by This Superfruit That Simply Stinks

Folks everywhere in the United States are hooked on unique fruits that supposedly provide well being advantages in each bottle. The Goji berry, Noni berry, and even the Pomegranate (POM Great anybody?) have all had their run. The newest craze is the Acai (prounounced Ah-sight-EE) berry, harvested from the jungles of the Amazon in Brazil. Gross sales of this so-called “superfruit” exceeded $104 million in the USA in 2008. Hundreds of Individuals stand in lengthy traces at their native juice bars and pay upwards of $6 for an Acai smoothie or bowl of chilled Acai berries. However is it a miracle berry, or simply masterful and sensational advertising and marketing? The reality is, the Acai berry isn’t any higher for you than the common blueberry Fruit Tablets 10Count, Turns Sour Foods to Sweet B07GTDM83H.

There isn’t any query that the Acai berry provides dietary advantages. However is it the king of all fruits? Let’s check out among the claims made by this magical potion and the actual scientific details:

The declare: Acai has omega-Three’s.
Reality: Omega-Three’s might help scale back your danger of coronary heart illness. The quantity of omega-Three’s in Acai berry juice is laughable. You would need to drink over 2 gallons to equal the identical quantity of omega-Three’s in a single Three-ounce serving of salmon.

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